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Travel Consolidators Are The Best Kept Secret Of The Travel Industry

OKT Corporate Travel Management continues to assist travelers in finding innovative ways to save on airfare

December 15, 2011 (Plainview, NY) – A top travel trend expected to continue into 2012 will be the use of travel consolidators. Today’s savvy travelers work with travel consolidators to book flights at more reasonable prices, especially to international destinations and for last-minute arrangements both domestically and abroad.

Travel consolidators work directly with airlines to negotiate deeply discounted rates for both leisure and business travelers. The itineraries include regular flights on major airlines, in business and coach class, which are bought in bulk by the travel consolidator and their clients gain access to fares that are significantly less expensive than the best published fares available.

OKT Corporate Travel Management, a full-scale travel service company with travel consolidator expertise, is a leader in the category. “Gone are the days when airline reward programs were the deciding factor in booking air travel,” said Orit Keren, President and CEO of OKT Corporate Travel Management. “In this challenging economic environment, we are able to provide our clients with deeply discounted fares, which allow them to travel to destinations that may have been cost-prohibitive in the past.”

Travelers also get significant benefits to working with a travel consolidator for last-minute travel. “When booking travel close to the departure date, especially to international destinations, airfares are typically up to 20% higher than if the flights are booked early,” continued Keren. “With our consolidator services, clients are able to avoid many of the premium costs associated with last-minute plans.”

It is expected that the travel consolidator business will continue to thrive in the coming year and OKT is poised to continue to lead this market.

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