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OKT Corporate Travel Management prides itself on managing every aspect of our clients’ business travel. In order to help our clients manage internal financial and travel reporting, we provide customized and detailed reports and analysis, as requested, including:


Passenger on the plane:
Intended Purpose: To find flights that have more travelers on the same plane than company travel policies allow.
Description: Define the maximum number of business travelers allowed on a single plane and find instances where the limit is exceeded.

Travel by country:
Intended Purpose: To monitor travel stay by country to aid in travel policy and risk management.
Description: Lists corporate travelers by country including the number of days, the longest stay, and the average stay per traveler.

Trip details:
Intended Purpose: Allows tracking of business traveler activity.
Description: View all travel data on one report with the ability to subtotal by breaks, and traveler.

Upcoming plans:
Intended Purpose: Lists those travelers meeting certain criteria.
Description: Gives a detailed report by location and traveler with a weekly breakdown.

Top 20 travelers combined:
Intended Purpose: Track frequent travelers air, car, and hotel information.
Description: Summary of total spend by traveler, can be used to see who the top travelers of an account are for travel policy management and other purposes.

Travel management summary:
Intended Purpose: Analyze travel spend comparing year-to-date on a monthly basis.
Description: One-page extended summary report that displays the totals of each month for an entire year.

Advance booking air:
Intended Purpose: Track missed savings due to late bookings.
Description: Manage travel policy and vendor negotiations by reviewing the trends of days advance purchase and cost to the organization in this detail level report.

Carrier concentration:
Intended Purpose: To manage air vendor spend by market.
Description: Compares a specific carrier to all others by segment count, spend, and potential savings (loss) inside of a specific market.

Executive summary with graphs:
Intended Purpose: Manage overall travel spend.
Description: Most popular report, gives summary information for air, car, and hotel information with top five city info and graphs of vendor usage.

Executive summary year to year:
Intended Purpose: Analyze travel spend comparing Year over Year.
Description:  A one page report that compares a month in one year to the same month in the previous year, as well as the year to date comparisons.

Transaction Analysis by Credit Card:
Intended Purpose: Tracking Transaction by Credit Cards.
Description:  Use this detailed report to track the billing associated with a specific credit card number for Air transactions and most service fees. Both the MCO and ticket number are available along with the itinerary of the trip and the transaction dates of the fee.

Trip changes-type summary:
Intended Purpose: To provide a summary view of trip changes to assist in account and group management.
Description:  Summarizes trip changes by type of change.

Weekly Traveler activity:
Intended Purpose:  Track the weekly destinations of travelers.
Description:  Detailed report displaying destinations by day of travel for traveler tracking and security.

Trip changes-Air:
Intended Purpose:  To track and manage change to air reservations as they occur.
Description:  Provides a detailed view of changes to an air reservation throughout its lifecycle.

Trip changes- meet and greet:
Intended Purpose:  To aid in the management of services required upon arrival.
Description:  Shows the changes occurring to reservations for arrival manifests.


All reports are available via our 24/7 online reporting system and can be delivered to each client via email or hard copy.

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